Matching Strategy to Situations:

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Umukoro, F.G.
Kuye, O.L.
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Two approaches to implementing strategy: programmed and adaptive were discussed in this paper. The findings revealed that programmed and adaptive implementation reflect different ways of how strategy should be executed and how design choices (e.g., specificity of goals, management responsibilities, extent of staff participation, amount of discretion allowed to deliverers, and type of evaluation) should be treated. Hence, strategy could be more effectively carried out if these implementation strategies were chosen to match the strategy situation.
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Strategy , Programmed and Adaptive Approaches
Umukoro,F.G. and Kuye,O.L. (2009) Matching Strategy to Situations: Programmed and Adaptive Implementation Approaches. Serbian Journal of Management, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Vol. 4, (2), p. 259 - 272.