Infections caused by acinetobacter species and their susceptibility to 14 antibiotics in Lagos University Teaching Hospital,Lagos

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Iregbu, K.C.
Ogunsola, F.T.
Odugbemi, T.O.
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Summary Aci11etobacter spp are well recognised as causes of nosocomial infections particularly in patients with immature or defective body defence system. Information concerning these organisms are lacking in this environment. For this reason the pattern of infection and the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of these organisms Isolated over a one-year period were studied. A total of 58 (3°/o) of the 2001 isolates from all clinical specimens received in the laboratory during the year were Acinetobacter spp. The 58 Acinetobacter spp constituted 5.5% of all the 1051 NLF-GNB isolated, and caused 4.6% of all the 1261 nosocomial infections. Thirty-seven (63%) and 17 (30%) of the Acinetobacter isolates were from wound infections and lJTI respectively. All the infections were nosocomially acquired and were associated with compromised host humanity, defective body defence, surgery or urinary catheterization; with Acinetobacter baumannii being the predominant species. There was an apparent male predominance over females by a ratio of t. 9: I in the infections, particularly from 45 years and above. One hundred percent and 96.6°/o of the isolates were susceptible to cefoperazone-sujbactam and travofloxacin respectively. Forty-five (77.6°/o) were susceptible to cefotaxime, 49 (84.S 0/o) to ampicillin-sulbactam, 34 (S8.6ctft,) to ceftazidime, 38 (65.6°/o) to ticarcillin-clavul:inic acid and 41 (70.7°/o) to ciprofloxacin. Generally the Acinetobacter spp showed multiple resistance to the range of antibiotics tested. All the isolates produce
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Acinetobacter , Epidemiology , Antimicrobial susceptibility , Nosocomial infections , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases
Iregbu, K.C, Ogunsola, F.T. and Odugbemi, T.O. (2002). Infections caused by Acinetobacter species and their susceptibility to 14 antibiotics in Lagos University Teaching Hospital Lagos. West African Journal of Medicine, 21:226-229.