Anatomization of Mortality Trends in under-twelves in a Tertiary Hospital in Eastern Nigeria” A cross sectional Evaluation

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Ogbonna, B.O.
Adijeh, C.M.
Onwuchuluba, E. E.
Eze, U.I.H.
Onyeka, T.
Uzodinma, S.U.
Ofomata, P.C.
Iweh, M.I.
Ajagu, N.
Isidienu, C.P.
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Background: The childhood age group is a special population that needs critical and special care. The increase in death tolls in children globally, owing majorly to preventable and treatable causes and diseases is a burden and requires urgent and immediate attention and action to ensure sustainable progress towards achieving child survival goals. This study assessed the mortality pattern of under-12 and discussed the associated factors. Methods: A cross-sectional retrospective descriptive study of 4 years which spanned from January 2014 to December 2017 was carried out on the records of dead children who were 12 years and below using the death register at the health care facility. The data were summarized with descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: A total of 1004 under-12 deaths were recorded: 255, 218, 291, and 240 deaths occurred in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Children between ages 0-1 had the highest death record 819 (81.6%). A higher death rate was observed among male children 569.0 (56.5%) compared to female children 438.0 (43.5%). Diagnosed diseases that led to their death ranged from sepsis, birth asphyxia, malaria, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory/ pulmonary disorders, prematurity, anemia, and genetic disorders. Death due to sepsis, septicemia, and septic shock had the highest percentage with frequency and percentage prevalence of 159.0 (15.8%). while birth/perinatal/neonatal asphyxia, prematurity was high. Conclusion: Male children below one year were the most affected. Sepsis, septicemia, septic shock; prematurity/preterm, and Birth/perinatal/neonatal asphyxia, birth trauma, and seizures were the leading causes of death in the population. The highest death was recorded at the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), and Children Emergency Room (CHER). Study suggests that the leading causes of death among children in this study are still prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Mortality , under-12 , Child health , Maternal health , Death register , Morbidity
Ogbonna, B.O., Adijeh, C.M., Onwuchuluba, E.E., Ezeh, U.I.H., Onyeka, T., Uzodinma, S.U., Ofomata, P.C., Iweh, M.I., Ajagu, N., Isidienu, C.P., Ogbonna, A.C., & Ejim, C.E. (2019). Anatomization of Mortality Trends in under-twelves in a Tertiary Hospital in Eastern Nigeria” A cross sectional Evaluation: Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research, 18 (4), 13776-13782