Morphometric Studies in Eudrilus Eugeniae Populations from Different Locations in Lagos, Nigeria

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Oboh, B.O.
Akintobi, D. O.
Ejidereonwu, C.
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Nature and Science
Morphological variation was studied within earthworm species – Eudrilus eugeniae populations collected from 14 different locations within Lagos State in Nigeria. Mature earthworms were identified by the presence of the clitellum and position of clitellum assisted in specie identification. Morphometric data collected on the earthworms include body weight, length of clitellum, body size diameter, total number of segments and body volume. Results from the statistical analysis showed that the earthworms though of same species were separated into 3 distinct groups based on the morphometirc parameters and not soil type. These 3 distinct groups may represent different lineages within the earthworm - Eudrilus eugeniae.
Earthworms, Eudrilus eugeniae. variation, clitellum
Oboh, B. O., Akintobi, D. O., & Ejidereonwu, C. (2007). Morphometric studies in Eudrilus eugeniae populations from different locations in Lagos, Nigeria. Nat Sci, 5, 16-21.