E-Banking Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction in Selected Commercial Banks in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Bakare, R.D
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University of Lagos Postgraduate School
The increasing availability of electronically mediated self-service technologies in the banking industry across the world and Nigeria in particular, has changed the way banks ensure satisfaction of their customers. This trend became inevitable as global financial practises revolve around online banking, hence its adoption in Nigeria thereby signalling a step in the right direction. This paradigm shift has not only provided complete functions of operations but also advanced their electronic service quality. The broad aim of this study was to investigate the effect of electronic banking service delivery on customer satisfaction in commercial banks in Lagos state, Nigeria. This study adopted cross- sectional research design using survey method as research strategy. A web- based survey instrument was used to elicit information from 217 respondents from a hidden population of bank customers using non probabilistic sampling technique. Purposive sampling was used to draw initial sample and these initial samples were used to generate other members of the final sample using chain- referral and respondent - driven mechanism concurrently to bring about validly representative findings. Pilot test was conducted to determine the reliability of the research instrument and the result showed Cronbach alpha of 0.753 while the validity of the instrument was tested through internal and external validity test by experts in the field of marketing. Eight hypotheses were tested at 5% level of significance using linear and multiple regression analysis and the results obtained showed that bank customers were satisfied with the service delivery of their banks in the conduct of banking transactions. Conclusion which arose from the findings was that banks must ensure that consistency in the effective delivery of electronic banking services is achieved. It is thus recommended that policy makers in the sector should ensure that all the dimensions in a service quality program be strictly followed and implemented effectively so that they will not be seen as only focussing on the bank’s objective of profits and gains, but must also look into satisfying the needs of the customers as well.
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Business and economics::Business studies , Customer service , Electronic banking , Customer satisfaction , Service Delivery
Bakare, R. D. (2017). E-Banking Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction in Selected Commercial Banks in Lagos State, Nigeria (Doctoral dissertation).