Global Slum Upgrading Practices: Identifying the Contemporary Challenges

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Iweka, A. C.
Adebayo, A. K.
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Centre of Construction managment and Leadership Development
Over the years, human settlement experts have utilized a number of intervention strategies for integrating slums and informal neighbourhoods into their larger urban context. Yet these practices are continually trailed by challenges and reactions from built-environment professionals and other stakeholders. It is therefore imperative that the quest for an acceptable approach to slum intervention is yet to abate. A literature review methodology was adopted to identify and appraise the various intervention models that were practiced in some developing nations. Although slum upgrading option was adjudged to be the current global best practice, it is still besieged by several imperfections. Some weaknesses and challenges that are applicable to developing countries, particularly Nigeria were identified in this study. The paper suggests policy measures for mitigating these challenges.
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In-situ upgrading , Participatory upgrading , slum improvements , slum prevention , slum upgrading , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture
Iweka, A. C. O. and Adebayo A. K. (2015). Global Slum Upgrading Practices: Identifying the Contemporary Challenges. Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation, 5 (1): 1034-1044.