Electronic Business Value Creation and Organizational Effioceincy in Nigeria

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Amoda, M.B.
Ishola, N.A
Oduntan, O.O
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University of Alexandria, Egypt
The study examined the extent to which e-business, value creation and organization efficiency in Nigeria. Four research questions were answered in this study. The study was conducted in South-West, Nigeria, specifically, in Ogun State among private business organizations. A descriptive survey research design was used. A total of six hundred staff and senior managers of private business organizations (Rite Limited) from Ogun Central Senatorial District were selected as study sample size. Stratified sampling technique was used in the process of selecting the sampled. Researchers Instrument tagged 'E-Business, Value Creation and Organizational Efficiency Questionnaire (EVCOEQ) with .89 as reliability coefficient was used for data collection. Descriptive statistics ofmean and bar-charts were used to answer andpresents research questions 1 and 2. Research 3 and 4 were answered using multiple regression analysis. The findings revealed that elimination of physical warehouse and store, customers expansion base, reduction in overhead cost, effectiveness in tackling logistics and enhance effective relationship with the customers were among the significances of e-business to organization efficiency. Increase in sale outputs for customers, increase in stock value for shareholders, encourage long run investment capital, ensure access to capital markets, ensure job security and opportunities for staff and ensure greater ability for self-investment fund were among the benefits of value creation to organization efficiency in Nigeria. There was significant joint and relative influence of the independent variables (e-business and value creation) on the dependent variable (organization efficiency). About 91% of the variance in organization efficiency was accounted for by the linear combination of the independent variables (e-business and value creation). It was recommended that the management of private firms should invest more on e-business, train staff on the benefits of e-transaction and ensure effective service delivery to customers and prompt remittance of employees benefits as at when due.
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E-Business , Value Creation , Organization Efficiency , Service Delivery
Amoda, M.B. Ishola, N.A Oduntan, O.O (2021). Electronic Business Value Creation and Organizational Effioceincy in Nigeria. African International Journal of Educational Learning, 10(1), 91-100.