An Analysis of Clients' Satisfaction with Mortgage Valuation Reports in Nigeria

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Oluwunmi, A.O.
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International Journal of Marketing Studies
With continuous growth and sophistication in the property market and investment scene worldwide, there is a ompelling need to explore the adequacy or otherwise of valuation reports which serve as an important input to nvestors' investment decision making. Focusing on the Nigerian property market, this study considered clients' erception of the quality of property valuation reports with a view to determining clients' satisfaction level and hus improving on the quality of valuers' reports. The result revealed that 62% of the banks (clients) were at least atisfied with the overall content of the valuation report they received from valuers However, the results showed hat clients wanted some aspects of the valuation reports to be improved upon. These includes: (1) details of enancies which seldom appear; (2) details on specific comparable; (3) state of letting market; (4) general nformation on comparable; (5) valuation calculations and (6) uncertainty in valuation figures.
Valuation report, Quality, Standard, Clients’ perception, Nigeria
Oluwunmi, A. O., Ajayi, C. A., Olaleye, A and Fagbenle, O. I. (2011). An Analysis of Clients' Satisfaction with Mortgage Valuation Reports in Nigeria. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 3(2), 160-168.