Investigation Of Some Structural Properties Of Foamed Aerated Concrete.

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Falade, F.
Ikponmwosa, E.E
Arogundade, A.
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This paper reports on the laboratory assessment of some structural properties of foamed aerated concrete. The properties examined are density, compressive strength and water absorption capacity. The variables are: curing methods (water and air), curing ages (7, 14. 21, 28, 45, 60 days) and concentrations of foam solution (1:25, i.e. I part of foam concentrate: 25 parts of water by weight; 1:33 and 1:50). A mix design of 1:3 (cement: sand) was adopted for this study with a water/cement ratio of 0.50. III this investigation, 250 grams of foam concentrate was adopted as a constant while the weight of water was a variable. The results show that as the ratio of foam concentrate increased, the density and compressive strength of test specimens decreased; and with increase in curing age; there was decrease in density of all test specimens cured in air. However, with increase in curing age, the average density of specimens cured in water increased while their average compressive strength decreased. Generally, the compressive strengths of air-cured specimens were higher than the compressive strengths of water-cured lest specimens (tested in saturated state). The absorption capacity test revealed that as the ratio 0}10a111concentrate ill the mix increased, the absorption capacity of the aerated concrete decreased.
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Waler Absorption Capacity , Compressive Strength
Falade, F. (2011) Investigation Of Some Structural Properties Of Foamed Aerated Concrete. Journal of Engineering Research, Vol. 16, (I), p. 67 - 81.