Investigation of Rural - Urban Linkages of the Lagos Megacity

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Lawanson, T
Yadua, O
Salako, I
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This paper has investigated the environmental challenges faced by Peri urban settlements in the Lagos Megacity. An intense study of the Isheri, Ibafo and Sagamu Interchange areas along the Lagos Ibadan Expressway axis was done. Socio economic characteristics, housing and environmental conditions as well as rural urban linkages were done to determine the flow of interaction between the settlements and the Lagos Metropolis. Data collection was by the administration of structured questionnaires on household heads of which 46 were sampled in Isheri, 113 in Ibafo and 191 in Sagamu Interchange areas respectively. Survey was by systematic random sampling. The study revealed a high level of interaction between the settlements and the Lagos Megacity as over 60% of respondents in the study area commute daily to work in Lagos. The study also revealed that land value, rental value in these peri-urban settlements had increase since 2005 when the highest rate of population influx was observed. Furthermore, environmental challenges especially poor infrastructure and security concerns had exacerbated. The paper concluded by suggesting strategies for mitigating these challenges and they include the introduction of participatory planning mechanisms as well as the enforcement of development control.
Scholarly article
Environmental Challenges , Lagos Megacity , Peri-urban settlements , Lagos Ibadan Axis , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences
Lawanson T., Yadua.O & Salako.I.O (2012) Investigation of Rural - Urban Linkages of the Lagos Megacity, in Journal of Construction, Project Management and Innovation; University of Johannesburg, South Africa. 2(2) 461-481