The United Nations and the Control of Multinational Corporations.

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Davies, Arthur.
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University of Lagos
Multinational Corporation (MNCs) have been acclaimed for many decades as being instrumental to the process of facilitating the international production of goods and services. It is, however, only recently that national policy-makers, labour unions and scholars began to focus attention on the extent, nature and the implications of these business entities. As a corollary to other studies, this study attempts to highlight the growth of multi-national corporations, assess their role in international economic relations and their impact on the socio-economic development of national-states, with particular reference to third world countries. Some studies which focused attention on international control of multinational corporations have been undertaken but none has addressed itself to the effectiveness of this method of control. It is the aim of this study to fill the gap. This will be done by analysing and evaluating the issue of control or accountability of these firms. With particular reference to the United Nations, the study will also assess the performance of the various international organs that are concerned with the control of multinational corporations.
Multinational Corporation , Economic Development , Production , Multinational Enterprise
Davies, A. (1981). The United Nations and the Control of Multinational Corporations. Dissertation Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science, University of Lagos.