Financing teacher education: basic problems and challenges

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Oguntoye, A.O.
Uzoka, N.E.
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Educational finance is a major issue for debcltc at the family, government, national and intemationolieve!s. ret none cC\n c(ii)~\\D hU'\le comp)ele sotutions to the inadequacy of funding or deficiency in resorire:es allocation in respect to education. One area where reliable funding is crilciatii teacher education. This paper highlights the caHses of the financial crisis in edl~'catiol1i/l ge/l era I and the consequences ofthe~e·otl.the quality o!f.{rucatioll. It then goes 011 10 suggest ways of improving the financing of teacher education. A jOin(participation in the financing of this sub-sector of education by the studel1t,\yho is the focus of education, the government which is the sponsor oJ edllcClti'orland the private sector which uses the product of education for its services as suggested. The major.goal is to ensure sustainable source of funding to promote good quality education.
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Teacher educatrion , Education financing , National population , Teachers , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Oguntoye, A.O. & Uzoka, N.E. (1998). Financing teacher education: basic problems and challenges. Journal of education for national development, 1(1), 61-67.