Shopping Mall Patronage: A Review of Predictive Factors

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Oluwunmi, A.O
Umeh, O.L
Role, B.A
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Covenant Journal of Research in the Built Environment (CJRBE)
Given the increasing popularity of shopping malls globally, it is vital for would-be investors and their consultants (bankers, estate surveyors and valuers, among others) to examine the critical variables for the feasibility and viability of such an investment. Taking this into consideration, a systematic review of prior studies on shopping malls was conducted with the aim of highlighting the factors predicting patronage. To accomplish this aim, the researchers reviewed papers published within a ten-year period. According to the summary, research on shopping malls has gotten a lot of attention, especially in developing countries. The study also discovered that, in both developed and developing countries, income, location, accessibility, and price are the most important factors influencing mall patronage. In conclusion, shopping mall stakeholders should consider using the fifteen variables highlighted in this study as an investment guide.
Scholarly article
Oluwunmi, A.O, Umeh, O.L & Role, B.A. (2022). Shopping Mall Patronage: A Review of Predictive Factors