Cultural quiz for Niger State Pupils and students

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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I t 11 try to understand our differences so as to live in peace it/. one another. Sir Ahmadu Bello (1909-1966). Imu t from the on set give a rounding Merci beaucoup, thank you sir, to our Amiable Vice - Chancellor, Prof A.K. Adamu, who has granted me an opening in the department of Fench of our prestigious University: Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBU) Lapai, since January zo" 2020. This is so b cause, the history of Kogi State, old Kabba Province to which I belong, in general and Kabba Kingdom and Nupe Empire is so intimately link, both in substance, governance, language and cultural borrowing. I must say I am welcome home, because the Bawa Salka, the Jeremiah Gana, Garuba Kuta and many more upe pupils were my school mates at Kabba Provincial secondary school Okene in the 1%Os.
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2021). Cultural quiz for Niger State Pupils and students. With a foreward by Prof. A.K. Adamu