Media Power in Nigeria: Real or Imaginary?

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Garba, K. A
Tejumaiye, J.A
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Association of Media and Communication Researchers of Nigeria (AMCRON), Department of Mass Communication, Kwara State University, Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria
As a dynamic social institution, mass media's impact on the socio-political lives of Nigerians is tangible. Known as purveyors of information, education, enlightenment, awareness, tools for mobilization, socialization, and surveillance. One thematic manifestation in these roles is the exercise of media power which attracted interpretations from social scientists. Questions of interest in this study are: what are the roles of the media within Nigeria’s socio-political milieu? What are the dimensions of media power within Nigeria’s socio-political context? And what are the implications of media power within Nigeria’s socio-political sphere? This empirical article is anchored on Gate-keeping and Agenda Setting theories juxtaposed with Des Freedman’s four paradigms of media power: consensus, chaos, control and contradiction. Secondary data gathering complimented with in-depth interview method were adopted. Findings reveal among others that media power in Nigeria is real.
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Mass Media , Power , Nigeria , Social institution , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences::Mass communication
Garba, K. A Tejumaiye, J.A. (2019). Media Power in Nigeria: Real or Imaginary?. Journal of Communication and Media Research, Vol. 11, Number 1