A review of the stabilization of lateritic soils with some agricultural waste products

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Adedokun S.I
Oluremi J.R.
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Faculty Engineering Hunedoara
An attempt to reduce the amount of environmental wastes and the high cost of conventional stabilizers has led to continuous studies on the economic utilization of ash from agro-wastes for improving the engineering properties of soil. This paper therefore reviewed the impacts of some of these waste products to establish their effectiveness in improving geotechnical properties of lateritic soils. The wastes considered include saw dust ash (SDA), coconut husk ash (CHA), millet husk ash (MHA), corn cob ash (CCA), rice husk ash (RHA), bagasse ash (BA) and locust bean pod ash (LPBA). It was established that these ashes are good pozzolanic materials having satisfied the required standards. Also, increase in ash contents led to a significant decrease in the liquid limit, plasticity index, swelling index and shrinkage limit of soils. The maximum dry density of soil increased from 0 to 4% substitutions of SDA, CHA and CCA while it decreased with the addition of ashes from other wastes. CBR and UCS generally increased with increasing amount of the stabilizers whereas soil permeability and swell potential decreased as the ash content increased. Ash produced from these wastes can be used to improve the geotechnical properties of soil, to synthesize a stable soil mix, suitable for highway construction purposes
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Lateritic soil , Soil stabilization , Agro wastes ash , Indexing and strength properties , Oxide composition , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Adedokun, S.I. and Oluremi, J.R. (2019). A review of the stabilization of lateritic soils with some agricultural waste products, ANNALS of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara – International Journal of Engineering, Vol. 17 (2):63-74.