The Role of Women Education in Promoting Peace and Peaceful Co-Existence in Nigeria

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Journal of Social Work, University of Ibadan
By the time all members of a society have opportunity to benefit from formal education without barrier, there is possibilities that education received will help in shaping the orientation and attitudes of individuals towards attainment of goals and life pursuits. But when there are impediments and the citizens are prevented (for diverse factors though) from making best of opportunity from education, then, there is bound to be tension, terrorism, kidnapping, communal clashes, hatred, and hate speech among others. Similarly, education is widely regarded as tools for enlightenments, development and engagement; lack of it is definitely the achievement of the tension, disruption of peace and lack of peaceful coexistence, crimes and so on. Again, the form of education required must be the one that will curb the problems from the root. One of such problems is women education or education of the Girl child. This study attempts an operational searchlight into women education as a tool for peace and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria. It recommends among others that women education should be made mandatory for all families, cultures and tribes in Nigeria and deterrents and hindrances should be removed. The work adopts analysis and logical criticism.
women, education, peace, security