Women in Post-Harvest Management of Food Production in Nigeria

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Onyene, V.
Bakare, T.V
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Journal of Stored Products and Postharvest Research (JSPPR).
Post harvest production management of food is arguably the most important aspect of the food production process besides harvesting, storage and preservation. Although women play a very important role in food production and post production food management, their efforts are largely unsupported and unaccounted for. This study reviewed women’s involvement in post-harvest management of food in three local government areas of Lagos state within five main markets, using the questionnaire along with structured oral interview. This was to ascertain the extent of women’s involvement in post-harvest food management. The purpose of the study included establishing the status of women and what can be done to give more recognition to women’s participation as well as reduce post-harvest loss. Data collected yielded a preferred mode of training by the women to facilitate better post-harvest management of food by women. The resulting data was treated with frequency tables and the chi-square test was conducted on the hypothesis. The study further identified constraints to post harvest food management experienced by women and this provided the baseline information for the researchers to propose ways of reducing post-harvest loss. In effect, the data analysed generated educational requirements for the women. The women’s preference was mainly a special type of education that reflects and revolves around their dominant life pattern. Thus, a transformative re-education model was developed to integrate the women’s education into their sustainable economic life endeavour. Based on the study’s findings also, the researchers insisted that, since children of the women are also found to contribute heavily (up to 75% of the children) to post harvest activities, it was suggested that more schools be located in rural areas for proximity, among others.
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Post harvest food management , Market women , Adult Teaching Methods , Food protection process , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Onyene,V. and Bakare,T.V. (2011). Women in Post-Harvest Management of Food Production in Nigeria. Journal of Stored Products and Postharvest Research (JSPPR). Academic Journals, 2(16), 292 – 300