Chemical and biological studies on Bridelia ferruginea grown in Nigeria

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Afolayan, M.
Srivedavyasasri, R.
Asekun, O.T.
Familoni, O.B.
Ross, S.A.
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Phytochemical investigation of the methanolic extract of dried leaves of Bridelia ferruginea led to the isolation and identification of fourteen compounds (1–14): compound 1 [mixture of palmitic, stearic and oleic acids], stearyl monoester of 2-O-β-ᴅ-glucosylglycerol (2), 6β-hydroxy-(20R)-24-ethylcholest-4-en-3-one (3a), 6β-hydroxy-(20R)-24-ethylcholest-4,22-dien-3-one (3b), lutein (4), vomifoliol (5), corilagin (6), kaempferide-3-O-β-ᴅ-glucoside (7), myricetin (8), isomericitrin (9), isoquercetin (10), myricitrin (11), quercitrin (12), rutin (13), and β-sitosterol glucoside (14). The total extract exhibited moderate activity towards CB2 receptor and 90% inhibition against leishmanial pathogen Trypanosoma brucei. Compound 4 exhibited 73% displacement in CB2 receptor with IC50 56.47 μM, and 93% inhibition towards T. brucei with IC50 4.16 μM. Compound 11 showed 99% inhibition towards Escherichia coli with IC50 1.123 μM.
Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry::Organic chemistry , Bridelia ferruginea , flavonoids , cannabinoid , antibacterial , antileishmanial
Afolayan, M., Srivedavyasasri, R., Asekun, O. T., Familoni, O. B., & Ross, S. A. (2019). Chemical and biological studies on Bridelia ferruginea grown in Nigeria. Natural product research, 33(2), 287-291.