Housing Satisfaction in Selected Medium Density Estates of Lagos, Nigeria

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Lawanson, T
Onifade, V
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This paper examines the housing satisfaction of residents of public (Abraham Adesanya) and private (Mayfair Gardens) medium density residential estates in Lekki, an emerging suburb of Lagos, Nigeria. The study employed a conceptual model which identified three housing components consisting of the dwelling, neighbourhood and management subsystems as being of highest relevance to user satisfaction. Indicators arising from these subsystems include socioeconomic condition of the occupants, lands use, infrastructure and environmental condition, building quality and estate management. Data collation was by the administration of structured questionnaires. A sample size of 50% of all inhabited dwelling units was selected, hence, 554 questionnaires were administered using systematic sampling technique. There was a 79% response rate as 438 questionnaires were retrieved and acceptable for further analysis. Data analysis was done using simple descriptive statistics, while Relative Satisfaction Index was measured with Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance test. The results indicated that occupants' satisfaction levels with the environmental conditions are high, especially since both estates are gated communities. However, management satisfaction levels are higher in the private estate, even though community participation levels are quite low. The paper concludes by highlighting the potentials of privately owned and managed housing estates for the middle class and recommends improved community interactions through the provision of central recreational facilities in both estates.
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Housing , Estates , Housing Satisfaction , Lagos , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Lawanson T. and Onifade V. (2015). Housing Satisfaction in Selected Medium Density Estates of Lagos, Nigeria. The Lagos Journal of Environmental Studies, 7 (3),12-28