Programme Evaluation: Back to the Future

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Obashoro-John, O.A.
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Journal of Educational Thought
University education has been noted as a key determinant in fostering entrepreneurship among young people and adults alike. Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programme has been projected as a veritable tool in propagating entrepreneurship to people of different background. In view of this, this study set out to assess the extents to which resource utilization in distance learning programmes influence entrepreneurial skills development among students in University of Lagos distance Learning Institute. A descriptive survey research method was used for the study. Using a multistage sampling procedure, 400 students in the programme were selected from 4 departments in the institutions. Data were gathered through a researcher's constructed structured questionnaire titled "Resource Utilization and Entrepreneurship skill development Questionnaire Rating Scale. Four objective and hypotheses were raised, analyzed and tested for the study. The findings from the results revealed a significant relationship between resource utilization and entrepreneurial skill development of distance learning students. Based Oft the findings form study recommendations were made
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Entrepreneurship, Distance Learning Education, Resource Utilization, Skills, Education
Obashoro-John, O. (2017). Learning for longer life: Imperatives for ageing education curriculum. Journal of Educational Thought, 6(1), 130-144.