A Heuristic Method of Establishing Operational Effectiveness of Hotel Facilities in South-Western Nigeria

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Durodola, O.D
Ayedun, C.A
Oluwunmi, A.O
Oloke, O.C
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Covenant Journal in Research & Built Environment (CJRBE)
Assessing the operational effectiveness of hotel facilities has always been problematic in that opinions of technicians or engineers when sought were rooted in intuition (subjective and speculative, though cheaper) instead of reliance on standard tests laid down by established institutions (objective and scientific, though expensive and laborious). One sure way of achieving good result is by seeking the perception of the hotel users (the customers) on the level of functionality of the facilities paid for and being enjoyed. This research seeks to establish a method of establishing operational functionality of hotel facilities by exploring the perceptions of the customers about these facilities. The research is executed in order to find an alternative way of measuring performance of hotel facilities beyond technical modulation. Data were collected from hotels‟ customers in addition to physical assessment of hotel facilities and system operations. Stratified sampling technique was used in selecting the samples while sample size was determined based on formula suggested by Kothari (1978). Data analysis was executed using descriptive statistics, mathematical permutation and combination principle and Spearman Correlation analysis. It was found out that facilities‟ performance could be established by assessing quantity, quality and workability of facilities independently as variables and then combine these variables mathematically using permutation and combination principles reinforced with Chi-Square (X2). While Engineers focused on operational sturdiness of facilities as main yardstick for measuring performance of facilities; users focused on quantity and quality as well as operational sturdiness of the facilities. Although engineering test and mechanical manipulation are sine qua non in facilities operations, yet it could be reinforced with perception of customers focusing majorly on three parameters (Quantity, Quality and Operational Sturdiness) duly analysed to give independent opinion devoid of human manipulation.
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Customers; Facilities Management; Hotel; Investment; Operations; Performance Measurement , Customers , Facilities Management , Hotel , Investment , Operations , Performance Measurement , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Durodola, O. D., Ayedun, C. A., Oluwunmi, A. O. and Oloke, O. C. (2016). A Heuristic Method of Establishing Operational Effectiveness of Hotel Facilities in South-Western Nigeria. Covenant Journal in Research & Built Environment (CJRBE), 4(2), 71-86.