Peace education and sustainable rural development

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Ememe, P.I.
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The Nigerian National Council for Adult Education
The rural areas in Nigeria are grappling with gross underdevelopment, poverty, inequality, hunger and insecurity occasioned. by incessant violence and ethnic conflict. For instance, the activities of. Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen and other tribal crisis are creating undue hardship especially for local farmers in northern Nigeria 'who are displaced and chased out of their homes and farms that are their main source of livelihood .. Education has been established to have an intricate relationship with development in that education helps people to acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes that enhance their. quality and standard of living. Peace Education has also been found to be vital in creating the non-violent and peaceful atmosphere needed by rural fanners to deal with problems of hunger, poverty insecurity and inequity that often militate against achievement of sustainable rural development. Peace education is also necessary' for building culture of peace by empowering people 10 develop social and ethical values, skills and attitude that promote social coexistence among citizens increase rate of et/mic and religious violence, insecurity and conflicts in rural areas in Nigeria today shows that peace education is not achieving these desired goals, This paper therefore examined peace education and sustainable rural development with a view to suggest ways of making peace education effective in delivering the goals of sustainable rural development in Nigeria. The paper discovered that although efforts have been made to integrate peace education into the mainstream formal education system, method of delivering seems limited. The paper recommended that peace education should be delivered using adult and non-formal education methods that are comprehensive flexible and have wider reach out to ensure that adults and youths who are outside the normal system are adequately reached. It also suggested that peace education should be backed with enough political will and should be all encompassing in order to be effective in achieving the goals of sustainable rural development.
Peace, Education, Sustainable, Rural, Development, Nigeria.
Ememe, P.I. (2018). Peace education and sustainable rural development. National Council for Adult Education Journal, 23(1), 276-292.