Attitudes of undergraduate students towards research in university of Lagos.

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Ememe, P.I.
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Faculty of Education, University of Lagos
The study therefore assessed the attitude of undergraduate students from the faculty of education towards research, In addition, the study sought to determine the factors that influence attitudes towards research and subsequent performance in research. The study employed the survey design; population consisted of all undergraduate students from the six departments in the faculty of education who have completed the compulsory course on research methodology. A total of 180 students, consisting of 30 students from each of the six participating department were selected for the study. The main instrument for data collection was the questionnaire which was modeled after the Attitude Towards Research Scales (ATRS) developed by Papanastasiou in 2005. The study revealed among other things that the students had positive attitudes towards research; perceive research as useful and relevant to their future professional career. However, the students believe that research is stressful, difficult and causes them anxiety. Finally, the study shows that of all the factors tested; only academic performance has significant relationship with attitude. Based on the findings, it was recommended that time and course units for research methodology should be increased to enable the students acquire adequate and requisite knowledge for carrying out research, every effort should be made to reduce or completely eliminate every form of stress, difficulty and anxiety associated with research. This could be achieved by making research as interesting as possible
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Attitudes , Undergraduate , Research , University of Lagos , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Ememe, P. I. (2014). Attitudes of undergraduate students towards research in university of Lagos. Lagos Education Review, 14(1), 35-46.