Geosophic Urbanism: A Localized Urban Developmental Philosophy

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Adejumo, T. O.
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Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP). Pan African University Press
Africa’s Priorities for the New Urban Agenda emphasized the promotion of localized systems of sustainable urban development. This is not unconnected with rapid population growth, infrastructural breakdown, disorderliness, unemployment, increased urbanisation rate, large slum concentrations and associated environmental crises. If economic globalization and architectural internationalisation dominated 20th century human settlements, why are African cities the way they are? What thinking process generated the current urban scenario? How planning and design can be done locally within the context of global sustainability paradigm is the truss of this paper. The paper is underpinned by cosmopolitan localism and metanarratives. The paper engages Yoruba pre-colonial worldview urban conceptualization process to demonstrate place based geosophic urbanism. Yoruba urban planning metanarrative rooted in Ifa mythology of earth creation was deciphered to isolate cosmograms, ‘4’ and ‘16’ design numerology, harmonious energy sharing, signs and symbols useful in the redefinition of ordered and vibrant people centred cities. Cladding such place conscious local urbanism with modernisation generates geosophic urbanism. It is nesting contemporary urban features on meaningful local urban templates. On this platform geosophic landscapes is seen as resilient rootstock on which can be grafted compatible symbolic economy and functional modern infrastructures as appealing scions.
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Sustainability , Localism , Metanarrative , Geosophic urbanism , Place making , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture
Adejumo, T.O (2019). Geosophic Urbanism: A Localized Urban Developmental Philosophy. Chapter in the Book: Urban Crisis and Management in Africa - A Festschrift for Prof. Akin Mabogunje. Isaac Olawale Albert and Taibat Lawanson (Ed.). Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP). Pan-African University Press. Austin, Texas. USA. Pp 469-487.