Attracting, retraining and retention of teachers for effective curriculum implementation

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Uzoka, N.E.
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Vitaman educational books
Education, in its.broadest sense; provides the backdrop against which development acquires its meaning. The new development models in the recent time is based on international economic competition, political stability, and personal security, and these rely mainly on the equitable distribution or knowledge and the intellect of human beings. In order to reap the benefits of modern society, the education system must develop autonomous, informed, and responsible citizens who are tolerant.This requires changing the role of the teacher. It is very certain that the Nigeria governrnent is not oblivious of this critical reality and this is why the National Policy on ..• Education (2004) stipulates that any existing contradictions, ambiguities. ;Ind lac k of uniforrni ty in educational the differen t parts of the ,.xlcration should be removed. This is in order to facilitate an even and orderly development of the country.
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Development models , Teachers , Supply and demand , Teachers quality , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Uzoka, N.E. (2009). Attracting, retraining and retention of teachers for effective curriculum implementation. The teacher and curriculum research, 248-261.