“Engendering Human Resource in Academia: a Study of UNILAG”

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Badru, F.A
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Department of Sociology, University of Lagos, Nigeria
The article contends that capacity building is paramount in the sustenance of academic excellence. Machine, money, materials and other resources are necessary but not sufficient condition. The energizer, blender and the builder of these vital resources is a committed and motivated Human Capital. An empirical and literature search suggests some patterns of gender inequity and asymmetric culture in the higher educational settings. The chapter explores how gender variable influences the spread and representation of both junior and senior academic positions in a university setting using the case study of University of Lagos, Nigeria. The objective of the researcher is to map and tease out the pattern of the skewness, explore areas for further elaboration in order to achieve gender equity in a university setting. The chapter interrogates the factors responsible for this asymmetry. It explains the skewness and points to ways of achieving gender equity, enhancing opportunities for capacity building and achieving cultural and intellectual recognition that are based on gender equity, yet avoiding gender tokenism.
Capacity Building , Academic Excellence , Human Resource , Gender Equity in Academia , University Setting , University of Lagos , Nigeria
Badru F.A (2006): “Engendering Human Resource in Academia: a Study of UNILAG” in Oyekanmi, F.A.D and Nwabueze, N (Eds.) (2006): Education and Regeneration of Traditional Values in Nigeria. (Lagos: Department of Sociology, University of Lagos). Chp 9: Pp 121-137