Tertiary Institution Learners HIV/AIDS Sensitization Tool(s) Receptivity: Implications for Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria

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Onyene, V.
Uzoka, N.
Ikonta, N.
Bakare, T.V
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Academic Journals. Journal of AIDs and HIV Research
Any form of inclusion campaign under whatever criteria humanly favourable to a set of vulnerable group in the society requires heightened measure using such instruments as policy articulation, tool definition, education and group transformation. This multi-phased study addresses the issue of tertiary institution-based program for awareness creation in order to integrate HIV/AIDS issues and concerns into social relationships. The purpose of the study was to develop and ascertain combination through sensitization the potency of tools to increase HIV/AIDS pandemic awareness among students in Nigerian tertiary institutions of learning. Ten tools were administered and later categorized for same purpose on 100 and 200 level students of Universities and two Colleges within Lagos metropolis. Each of the items in the questionnaire is biased, with such democratic principles of inclusion, equity and justice. Data were analyzed and descriptive statistics used to reveal the quality of each tool as well as to predict their control potency over students‟ sexual behaviour and social cohabitation. Among the study findings are that the respondents have, at 25%, a limited knowledge of HIV/AIDS awareness; and 25% were indifferent to awareness programs due to religious practices and belief, among others. It was recommended that institutions of higher learning should create a center for HIV/AIDS sensitization and control which will adopt these sensitization tools and integrate them into general courses and relevant campaign procedures.
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Tertiary institutions , Sensitization tools , Sustainable democracy , HIV/AIDS , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Onyene, V.; Uzoka, N.; Ikonta, N. & T.V. Bakare (2010). Tertiary Institution Learners’ HIV/AIDS Sensitization tool(s) Receptivity: Implications for Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria. Journal of AIDs and HIV Research. Academic Journals, 2(4), 79-87