Knowledge, Acceptance and Practice of Zinc Therapy in Acute Diarrhoea Among Paediatric Doctors in Nigeria

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Esezobor, C.I.
Adeniyi, O.F.
Ekure, E.N.
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Paediatric Association of Nigeria
Background: WHO and UNICEF recommend zinc therapy in children with acute diarrhoea, however adherence to the recommendation varies from country to country. Objective: To determine the knowledge, acceptance and practice of zinc use in childhood diarrhoea among paediatric doctors in Nigeria. Methods: Every third sitting part icipant during the 42 Paediatric Association of Nigeria Conference was requested to complete a questionnaire if they were either a paediatric resident doctor or consultant working in Nigeria. Results: Of the 153 questionnaires distributed, 93 (60.8%) were returned and 85 met the study criteria. Over half (57.6%) of the respondents were consultant paediatricians and 84.7% (49 of 85) practise in tertiary or teaching hospitals, mostly in the southern part of Nigeria (70.8%). About half (44.3%) of the respondents managed more than 10 diarrhoeal cases every month. All except one respondent (84 of 85) agreed with the WHO / UNICEF recommendation and 86.9% (73 of 85) reported prescribing zinc for acute diarrhoea in the past year; 67.1% (49 out of 73) prescribed it always for acute diarrhoea. Knowledge of the effects of zinc on acute diarrhoea was high. There was no significant difference between the paediatric residents and the consultants in both knowledge and practice of zinc therapy. Conclusion: The use of zinc as an adjunct in the management of acute diarrhoea is acceptable and practised by most paediatric residents and consultants in Nigeria.
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acute diarrhoea , knowledge , practice , WHO , Zinc , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Esezobor CI, Adeniyi OF, Ekure EN. Knowledge, Acceptance and Practice of Zinc therapy in Acute Diarrhea among Paediatric Doctors in Nigeria. Niger J Paed 2011; 38(4): 159-164.