ESL coursebooks and self-instruction: A pedagogical evaluation

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Ohia, I.N
Adeosun, A.O
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Nigerian Association of Language Educators/Sterling-Horden Publishers
The chapter evaluated sample English Language course books in use in Nigerian secondary schools, and examined their validity in relation to learners’ autonomy and ease of use in self-instruction using clearly spelled out content and pedagogical procedures adapted from Ubahakwe (1991) ESL Pedagogical Model. Analyses of sample lessons from the texts focusing on the four language skills were done. The study found that the course books were varied in their approach to learner autonomy and independent study but lacked content and presentation balance which often require teacher mediation. It concluded that no single textbook can adequately satisfy the needs of different learners of English from varied language backgrounds, but made some recommendations on how the course books can be effectively employed.
Scholarly article
Textbook evaluation, English as Second Language, Self-instruction, learner-autonomy, ESL coursebook
Ohia, I.N & Adeosun, A.O (2002). ‘ESL coursebooks and self-instruction: A pedagogical evaluation. In Lawal, A., Usiugo-Abanihe, I., & Ohia, I.N, (Eds.) Perspectives on Applied Linguistics in Language and Literature. Published by the Nigerian Association of Language Educators. Ibadan: Sterling-Horden Publishers; pp 216-228.