Childhood maltreatment and perception of child maltreatment among respondents in Nigeria

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Bammeke, F.O.
Fakunmoju, S.B.
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This study examined childhood maltreatment and perception of maltreatment among respondents in Nigeria. A sample of 304 respondents completed online questionnaire on childhood experience and perception of abusive behaviours. Descriptive analysis was used to examine the responses. Of the 71 abusive behaviours examined, a high level of consensus (95–100 per cent agreement) was reached on five sexually abusive behaviours: having sexual intercourse with a child, asking a child to perform oral sex on adults, having sex in the presence of a child, fondling the breasts of a child for sexual pleasure and forcing a child to masturbate adults or other children. Abusive behaviour least perceived as abusive was experienced by most respondents during childhood: using corporal punishment as the only form of discipline. Finally, those who experienced the following abusive behaviours during childhood were significantly less likely to perceive of them as abusive: witnessing a parent/guardian being drunk all the time and forcing a child younger than 11 years old to take care of parents/guardians or siblings almost daily. Findings highlight the potential risks of childhood experience of abusive behaviours on perception of abusive behaviours and indicate the relevance of abusive behaviours to child protection policy and practice in the region.
Childhood maltreatment , perception of maltreatment , Physical abuse , Sexual abuse , Child labour
Bammeke, F. O., & Fakunmoju, S. B. (2016). Childhood maltreatment and perception of child maltreatment among respondents in Nigeria. Psychology and developing societies, 28(1), 73-100.