A Review And Investigations Of Some Properties Of Foamed Aerated Concrete.

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Ikponmwosa, E.
Falade, F.
Fapohunda, C.
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Faculty of Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
The paper presents the results of investigation conducted on foamed aerated concrete - a lightweight concrete - with a view to determining its potential as a construction material in Nigeria. The properties investigated on foamed aerated concrete having a designed density of 1600kg/m3 were: workability; density; compressive strength tensile strength, and the water absorption capacity. The results showed that at the designed density adopted for this work the material was workable and repeatable. Other results at 28 days of curing are: (i) compressive strength of 15. 43N/mm2, 13.89N/mm2 respectively for air-cured and water-cured specimens- (ii) modulus of rupture of 2.S3N/mm2 (ii) splitting tensile strength of 1.63N/mm2, and (iv) the water absorption capacity of 1.03%. The tensile strength to compressive strength ratio was more than 10%. These properties improved with time. It can be concluded that the foamed aerated concrete used for this work is repeatable, and of adequate strength for use as a construction material
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Aerated Concrete , Compressive Strength
Ikponmwosa, E. Et...al (2014) A Review And Investigations Of Some Properties Of Foamed Aerated Concrete. Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH) Vol. 33, (1), pp. 1 - 9.