The Challenges of Africa’s Coronavirus Pandemic and China’s Soft Power Dynamics: An Overview

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Banwo, A. O.
Osiki, O. M
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LASU Journal of History & International Studies (LAJOHIS), A publication of the Department of History & International Studies, Faculty of Arts, Lagos State University
This study examines Chinese soft power dynamics in Africa with respect to how the continent approached the challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It should be stressed that China’s soft power politics stems from its ability to champion globalization and economic integration from Asia to the rest of the world. China has used its soft power elements such as culture, ideology, legitimacy, and ability to attract others to project its power on the African continent and this came into play during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data for this research work were obtained through critical case sampling and the content analysis style was used for the interpretation of data in the study. Certain factors such as diplomacy, aid, medical assistance, international relations, and status were selected for the study. This study adopts Todd Hall’s theory of institutional power, reputation power, and presentational power to underscore the relevance of China’s soft power intervention in Africa. Hall ascertains that certain States use their power to influence and advance state interests while pushing for public diplomacy and information control. Therefore, this work argues that China’s intervention in Africa’s COVID-19 pandemic effort was a way to enhance the Sino-African relationship while exhibiting and improving its international image and status. It concludes on the note that China’s positive attraction and agenda for Africa has a lot of benefits and consequences which will affect Africa’s foreign policy and approach in the nearest future.
Scholarly article
A.O. Banwo & O.M. Osiki (2024). The Challenges of Africa’s Coronavirus Pandemic and China’s Soft Power Dynamics: An Overview. LAJOHIS 6(1)