Effect of Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Water on Elevated Leptin Levels in Rats fed High-fat and High-fructose Diets

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Imaga, N.O.A.
Samuel, T.A.
Adepoju, O.
Onadeko, O.
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University of Lagos Journal of Basic Medical Sciences
Background: Coconut water is the liquid endosperm of coconut (Cocos nucifera, Arecaceae) fruit rich in important nutrients such as vitamins, phytohormones, amino acids and phytochemicals. Tender coconut water, the fluid present in young green coconuts and mature coconut water, the clear liquid present in the older brown coconut have been shown to significantly reduce hyperlipidaemia in cholesterol fed rats. Leptin is a 16 KDa peptide hormone that is the product of ob gene in adipose tissues. Leptin level in circulation is directly related to adipose tissue mass. Objective: The effect of tender and mature coconut water on the leptin level of high-fat and high-fructose diet fed rats was investigated in this study. Materials and Methods: Fifty-five rats were separated into 11 experimental groups of which 4 groups each had high-fat and high-fructose feeding respectively with and without coconut water treatment. The rats were fed for 8 weeks followed by 4 weeks of treatment with tender coconut water, mature coconut water and atorvastatin as reference standard. Results: Leptin level was significantly reduced (p<0.01) by tender and mature coconut water in a manner that was comparable to atorvastatin in both high-fat and high-fructose diet fed rats. Leptin lowering in the high-fat fed rats was similar in both mature and tender coconut water, but the lowering effect was more in the mature coconut water (MCW) than in the tender coconut water (TCW) in the high-fructose fed rats. Conclusion: Tender and mature coconut water have a lowering effect on leptin level in circulation.
Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry::Biochemistry , Tender coconut water , mature coconut water , hyperlipidaemia , ob gene , adipose tissue , atorvastatin
Imaga, NOA, Samuel TA., Adepoju O, Onadeko O University of Lagos Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (Jan – June), 4(7): 1-8