Foods and Hormones: Phytoestrogens in Edible Plants  and Human Reproductive Health

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Odimegwu, J
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Foods and Hormones: Phytoestrogens in Edible Plants  and Human Reproductive Health Awareness is the greatest agent for change  Eckhart Tolle Foods and Hormones is a necessary book for every family as it concerns the health and well being of women, men, and teenagers. The author, Dr. Joy Odimegwu has been working in the area of interactions of hormones, phytoestrogens in food, and herbal medicines for years. The necessity of the book stems from the author’s desire to make scientific findings that are not intellectually accessible to the vast majority of the society available and clearer through a book that is easy to read and understand. As new scientific discoveries are made, several things become clear, one of which is that humans need to be more INTENTIONAL in their nourishment and diets bearing in mind the myriads of compounds in the food one is eating that protects from diseases and kills invaders of the living system, the other is that THE NATURAL is extremely powerful and is armed with an arsenal to fight any causes of imbalance in the living system. Foods and Hormones is an educational book that explains the interplay between foods we eat and the compounds they contain that affect our bodies and minds sometimes unsuspectingly. The book brings awareness of the richness of our foods and how to gain more from them. Dr. Wanda Alli-Balogun MD, Medical Director, Fertility Care Centers of Africa commented on the foreword that “The interesting aspect of Foods and Hormones is the emphasis on Phytoestrogens in the context of fertility and well being. Everybody, women in various stages of their life, men and even teenagers can find a practical and useful guide for healthy food choices and the development of new healthy eating habits in this book”.
Andropause , Foods , Herbal Medicine , Hormones , Phytoestrogens , Menopause , Mental well being