Time and Resource Optimization for Career Advancement by Women Scientists from Resource-Poor Settings

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Sogbanmu, T. O.
Onuminya, T. O.
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Springer Nature
Resource-poor settings which are typical of underdeveloped and developing countries, among others, often stifle the potential of sciences for societal development. More so, women scientists from these settings often grapple with career advancement up to leadership or managerial levels due to perceived and cultural bias that are gender specific. Therefore, the optimization of time and resources to support the career advancement of such women scientists amidst intrinsic and extrinsic challenges is imperative. In this chapter, we posit approaches for time and resource optimization through personalized, time- and experience-tested techniques as well as review of scholarly literature on the subject. The use of tools and applications such as Microsoft Office Project 2003, Microsoft Sticky Notes and personalized time-based goal planners is one of the time optimization approaches we advance in this chapter. Resource optimization techniques including the use of openly accessible resources are presented. These include money management, actively participating and maximizing professional and academic networks for support and collaborations and the Vitae Researcher Development Framework. Finally, we advance some thoughts on aiming for global impact as women scientists through conducting ‘demand-driven research’, aligning research agenda with relevant global, regional, national development priorities, mentorship, improving research(er) visibility and engaging ‘town and gown interactions.
Career advancement , Time management , Women in Science , Resource optimization , Resource-poor settings , Early career , Gender equity , Capacity building , Grantsmanship , Mentorship , Developing nation , Research visibility , Self-development , Networking , SDGs
Sogbanmu T.O., Onuminya T.O. (2022) Time and Resource Optimization for Career Advancement by Women Scientists from Resource-Poor Settings. In: Nwaichi E.O. (eds) Science by Women. Women in Engineering and Science. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-83032-8_12