Prevalent microbes in domestic waters of Iwochang Community, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

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Eleyowo, O. O.
Amusa, O. D.
Akpan, U. U.
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Academic Research Publishing Group
Water is an important constituent of the living organism. Although, one of the most abundant resources to man, yet it is source of microbial transfers which serves a potential health problem in many rural communities. An evaluation study was undertaken to evaluate boreholes, wells and river waters from Iwochang community of Akwa Ibom was evaluated for microbial quality identifying the prevalent microbes. The result of the evaluation showed Bacillus spp, Fusarium spp and Penicillum spp to be the most prevalent in the community with 100% occurrence in all samples studied. Analysis also showed more of fungi colonies than bacterial. Boreholes water samples however had more bacterial and fungi than the well water. Comparison with the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control and the World Health Organization standard limits indicated most of the borehole samples beyond the microbial standard limits. These waters are potentially unsafe for drinking.
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Water , Microbes , Bacteria , Fungi , Akwa Ibom , Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Biology::Cell and molecular biology
Eleyowo, O.O., Amusa, O.D., and Akpan, U.U. (2016). Prevalent microbes in domestic waters of Iwochang Community, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. Academic Journal of Life Sciences. 2(4): 23-28.