Influence of internal system evaluation practices and environment on student performance in south western Nigerian universites

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Bakare, T.V.
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University of Lagos, Unilag Press.
Evaluation is key to system improvement in higher institutions and the nation. When the efficacy of the system is not evaluated periodically, and especially if the results of such evaluations are not ploughed back into the system, it will be difficult to establish whether or not there is progress toward the achievement of institutional goals. This study utilized the input, process and output evaluation strands of the CIPP and FAMOUS evaluation models to assess the interaction of internal evaluation practices in six South-Western States in Nigeria, consisting of 18 universities drawn from Private, State and Federal institutions. Multi-stage random sampling technique was used to get a sample size of 844 respondents. Researchers-developed and validated questionnaires, interview and observation were used for data collection. 4 research questions were raised and two hypotheses tested using Standard Deviation, Chi square and ANOVA, along with frequency counts. Findings revealed an F(²/841) value of 9.58. This shows a significant difference in the responses among lecturers, students and administrators, but low level of adherence to internal evaluation by universities. This is because many rely on the external accreditation exercise by the NUC alone, and there was no uniformity of approach among those who practiced internal system evaluation. The overall use of internal evaluation was also found to affect student output in terms of graduating grades. It was suggested that internal evaluation within the university system be taken more seriously and follow some kind of format like the one developed in the study to ensure uniformity and improvement in system output as well as ensure national transformation.
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Internal system evaluation , University environment , Methods , Student output , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Bakare T.V. & Alade, O.M. (2017). Influence of internal system evaluation practices and environment on student performance in south western Nigerian universities. Unilag Journal of Humanities (UJM): 4(2), 79–96.