Adult Education for livelihood enhancement and poverty reduction

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Ojo-Ajibare, J.O.
Aitokhuehi, O.O.
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Lagos Education Review
Some major challenges confronting service delivery in developing countries, especially Nigeria, are inefficiency, incorrect assimilation of innovative ideas, including technology, complete lack of commitment, and political will. Based on this background, this paper examines Adult Education, livelihood enhancement and poverty reduction within the context of two distinct and integrated models of adult basic education using REFLECT approach. This is anchored on the principles of conscientisation, emphasising dialogue and action, awareness-raising, cooperation and empowerment. This paper also identifies community-based adult education programmes which are relevant for stimulating and tapping the creative abilities of rural people for increased productivity and economic growth. Consequent to the low educational attainment of REFLECT volunteer instructors end facilitators, recommendations are made for re-reorientating this group of service providers towards adult education teaching methods for enhanced performance.
Scholarly article
Ojo-Ajibare, J. O. & Aitokhuehi, O. O. (2011). Adult Education for livelihood enhancement and poverty reduction. Lagos Education Review, 12 (1), 29-41.