Flexural Performance of Bamboo-Reinforced Foamed Aerated Concrete Beams.

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Ikponmwosa, E.
Falade, F.
Fapohunda, C.
Aransiola', J.
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2014 Scientific & Academic Publishing.
This study reports the results of investigation conducted to evaluate the performance of foamed aerated concrete beams with bamboo as the tensile reinforcement. The flexural parameters assessed were, load-deflection behaviour, failure mode, and flexural moments. Its density and compressive strength were also investigated. Foamed aerated concrete made from cement-sand ratio of 1:3 with foaming agent to water ratio of 1:33 was prepared. Twelve 150x150x150mm cube specimens were tested for compressive strength at different curing ages of 7, 21, 28 and 45days. Three sets of 12 beams of 225 x 225 x 2350 mm containing bamboo as reinforcement were tested for flexural strength. The first, second and third set respectively had 2, 4, and 6 numbers of 10 mm x 10 mm bamboo as reinforcement. For the cube specimens tested, the compressive strength increased with curing age. The flexural moments of beams increased with increase in the percentage of bamboo strip reinforcement and curing age. All the beams exhibit flexural failure. The deflection decreased with increase in the area of bamboo splints as tensile reinforcement, but failure load decreased with increase in area of bamboo in the tension zone. It can be concluded that inclusion of bamboo splints as reinforcement in tension zone improved the flexural performance of foamed aerated concrete.
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Aerated concrete. , Flexural strength
Ikponmwosa, E. ET...AL (2014) Flexural Performance of Bamboo-Reinforced Foamed Aerated Concrete Beams. American Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 4, (2), p. 56 - 63.