Influence of population growth on university of Lagos teacher education

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Lawal, W.L.
Adepoju, A.
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Faculty of Education, University of Lagos. Akoka-Lagos
This paper seeks to investigate the influence of population growth on University of Lagos teacher education. The study is' a descriptive survey.' Three research questions were answered in the study. Both primary and secondary data were employed for the study. The primary data were collected through a 26" item self-designed questionnaire from 104 teacher trainees in the Faculty of Education, using random sampling while the secondary data were collected from National population Commission and University of Lagos (2001-2010). Data collected ~were analysed using simple percentage and coefficient of correlation. From the findings, it was revealed that contrary to the general belief that, increase ill population should directly correlate with admission of teachers' training vis-a-vis provision of facilities by the government for the sector, the reverse is the case. The study therefore reccommends proper funding of the tertiary education sector, in order to cater for the increased supply of would- be teacher trainees that would require increased demand for new technology educational infrastructures.
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Educational institution , Educational resources , Teacher Education , Teacher trainee , Teacher-students ratio , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Lawal, W. L. & Adepoju, A. (2014). Influence of population growth on university of Lagos teacher education. Lagos Education Review, A Journal of Studies in Education, 14 (1),207-215