The role of Self Efficacy and Study Habit on Sustainable Development in Physics Education

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Babajide, V.F.T.
Ukoh, E.E.
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The study investigated the role of self- efficacy and study habit of secondary school students’ performance in physics; a function of sustainable development in physics education. A sample of three hundred and fifty six (356) students of intact classes formed the sample obtained from five randomly selected secondary schools in Yaba Local Government of Lagos State, Nigeria. Five hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance using a questionnaire; study habit inventory (r=0.76) and self- efficacy scale (r=0.80). Students’ scores in physics (a measure of students’ performance) were obtained from the sampled schools. The data collected were analyzed using independent sample t-test and Pearson moment correlation. Graphs of estimated sample means were plotted for the interaction effects of self efficacy, study habit and gender. Results showed significant effects of self efficacy and study habit on students’ performance in physics. Gender has no significant effect on students’ performance in physics. Also, there existed a positive significant relationship between self efficacy and students’ study habit in physics. Recommendations based on results were provided.
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Self-efficacy , Study habit , Sustainable development , Physics education , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Babajide, V.F.T. Ukoh, E.E. (2012). The role of Self Efficacy and Study Habit on Sustainable Development in Physics Education. Journal of Education, 3, 13-24p.