Female Gender Empowerment and Leadership Challenge in Sports Organisation

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Ogunsemore, M.A.
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Nigerian Journal of Sports Managment
This paper centered on female gender empowerment which resulted from the rate at which male counterpart dominated the sports industry term of planning, staffing, Organising and control of sport programmers. The gender gap in sports is most evident. hence the need for gender equality. Female gender empowerment delegates more authority to employees and places more responsibilities in their hands. the paper further alighted the leadership challenges in sport organisation. conclusively, the paper opined that the female gender must be giving the chances to participate and excel in port policy formulation, conducting researches for port development, planning and organizing f sport programmes
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Female gender empowerment , Gender gap , Gender equality , Employees , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Ogunsemore, M.A. (2008). Female Gender Empowerment and Leadership Challenge in Sports Organisation. Nigerian Journal of Sports Managment. 2. 115-120