A Comparative Study of the Cloze Procedure and Two other Methods of Measuring Readability in English as a Second Language

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Ikegulu, B.O
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University of Lagos
Most cloze testing research has centred on the traditional model of deleting every - 5th word, providing blanks of standard length, and accepting only exact word replacements in scoring (E5-V). In the present study, eight cloze formats were compared for their ability to generate differing rates of response accuracy as well as their estimated concurrent validity and reliability. These formats were derived by combining levels of three independent variables: deletion strategy (Every 5th versus Total Random), blank condition (Standard versus Cued), and Scoring model (Verbatim versus Synonymic). Results obtained from the analysis of cloze test performance of 400 form three students drawn from eight school Management Committee zones of Lagos State revealed a generally increased performance across the every - 5th, Cued and Synonymic format (Es + S). When used with different ability ranges (Skilled and less-skilled readers), the Every 5th, Cued and Synonymic format also generated a superior performance over others by generating mean scores most similar to the accepted reading competence levels of the subjects. When compared with two other measures of readability, the Multiple-Choice Comprehension tests and Fry's Readability formula, a high positive correlation was recorded between this eclectic cloze procedure formats, and indeed almost all the other alternatives and multiple choice-tests. The E5 + S format also compared favourably with the reading levels assigned to the texts and materials for the study by generating scores which placed most of the subjects at both the independent and instructional levels of the reading passages. Results confirm and extend the findings of earlier studies that investigated cloze alternatives to a second language situation. Psychometric and psycholinguistic advantages of the alternative cloze from are discussed.
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English , Testing Research , Traditional Model
Ikegulu, B.O (1988) A Comparative Study of the Cloze Procedure and Two other Methods of Measuring Readability in English as a Second Language. University of Lagos School of Postgraduate Studies Phd Curriculum Studies Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts, 394p.