Influence of Office Layout on Academic Staff Performance in Covenant University, Ota

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Oluwunmi, A.O
Gbarayeghe, N.V
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Previous research has indicated that it is critical to regularly monitor academic staffperformance in higher educational institutions. This is because it has an inevitable and continuous impact on both organisational and student academic performance. Taking this into consideration, this study, with a focus on the academic staff of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, evaluated the influence of office layout on staff performance. The objectives of the study were to investigate staff perception of office layout, examine factors influencing staff performance in an office, and establish the nature of the relationship between office layout and staff performance. One hundred questionnaires were randomly administered to academic staff at the university, and a response rate of 60% was obtained. It was discovered that the academic staff perceived all the ten office layout elements presented to them to be "good". The results also showed that office layout (mean=4.68), reliable internet (mean=4.55) and office furniture (mean=4.40) are among the crucial factors influencing academic staff performance. Finally, the study revealed that office layout has a significant impact on performance. It was recommended, among other things, that the Management of the institution should improve on office layout in order to enhance performance. These findings imply that if the Management of the University is desirous of keeping staff performance high, it must grasp the key factors influencing their performance. In order to achieve the desired performance levels, it is necessary for the management to understand what to do to effectively bring about those levels.
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Oluwunmi, A.O & Gbarayeghe, N.V. (2022). Influence of Office Layout on Academic Staff Performance in Covenant University, Ota