Causes and effects of rework in building projects in Lagos state, Nigeria

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Ajayi, O. E.
Akinsiku, O. E.
Oyeyipo, O.
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Rework occurs as a result of design, construction changes and also as variation which is addition, omission and modification of design. Rework cost is on the increase as a result of these changes and it has indirectly affected contract sum, period of completion and quality of the project. Hence this study intends to examine the causes and effects of rework in building projects. Descriptive research design was used for this study and the population consists of construction professionals from consulting and contracting organization. Simple random sampling technique method was used. A structured questionnaire was used as the principal instrument for collecting data from construction professionals in the industry. A total of 98 questionnaires were distributed and 52 were returned given an average response rate of 52%. Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) 17th version was used for analysis via descriptive and inferential statistic. The findings of the study indicates that changes, defect and quality deviation are the most significant sources of rework on construction projects. Poor communication with design exerts the greatest influence on the rework occurrence on construction sites. The paper also showed that there is significant relationship between rework cost and initial contract sum, initial and final contract period, with exception of final contract sum. In conclusion poor communication with design consultant, use of poor quality materials and poor workmanship are the main causes of reworks in building projects, hence this will affect the client and the project performance in terms of time, cost and quality standard. The paper recommends that early identification of the causes and sources of reworks by consultants and contractors on building projects will reduce the effect of reworks cost on the contract sum, completion time and changes during the design and the construction changes either from the part of the client or the consultant.
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Change, cost and time overrun, performance, project, reworks , Change , Cost and time overrun , Performance , Reworks , Research Subject Categories::FORESTRY, AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES and LANDSCAPE PLANNING
Ajayi, O.M., Akinsiku, O. E., & Oyeyipo, O.O. (2014). Causes and effects of rework in building projects in Lagos state, Nigeria. Proceedings of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction, 28-30 January 2014 Lagos, Nigeria, pp. 432-441.