Effect of Household head’s gender on crowding in Government-built multifamily apartments in Lagos

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Iweka, A. C.
Adebayo, A. K.
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School of Environmental Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna
The inclusion of gender perspectives is highlighted globally by planners, architects and policy makers in tackling the built-environment developmental issues. Living arrangements in multifamily apartments and exposure to housing stress are influenced by household demographic factors such as gender. Access to reliable data on household crowding which recognizes and understands gender-specific patterns is cherished by governments and policy makers across the globe. Exploring the gender differences in the experiences of crowding is one of the areas that has not attracted adequate research attention in multifamily apartments owned and operated by the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) in Lagos, Nigeria. This study aimed to assess the differing degrees of crowding experience in households headed by men and households headed by women. A case study of four large housing estates belonging to LSDPC was employed. The study sample frame was 7,764 out of which a sample of 7.5% (582) was randomly selected using stratification and systematic techniques. A pre-test questionnaire was used to collect relevant gender disaggregated data from household heads. Descriptive statistical analyses were used to compare the crowding experiences faced by households headed by males and females in the study area. The results showed that in all the six apartment types investigated across four locations, the gender of household head had no significant effect on apartment crowding. It is therefore recommended that planning, design and policy inclination towards crowding in LSPDC’s multifamily apartments should be based on gender neutrality
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Crowding , Gender , Household head , Multifamily apartment , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture::Architecture and architectural conservation and restoration::Architecture
Iweka, A. C. O. and Adebayo A. K. (2017). Effect of Household head’s gender on crowding in Government-built multifamily apartments in Lagos. Environmental, Technology and Science Journal, 8 (2)154-161.