“Ethnic Conflict and Minority Interests In Nigeria: A Critical Review”

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Badru, F.A
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African Journals Online, South Africa
Ethnic conflicts and minority interests are twin concepts of concern to sociologists and other scholars. The 'tragedies' of Egbesu boys and the Odua People's Congress (OPC) members in Nigeria invite attention to the challenges of ethnic plurality, diversity, conflict, and the vested interests of ,core' and minority groups. It is, however, pertinent to clarify key terms in this paper before exploring the major concern. What is an ethnic group? How do we unravel ethnicity? Who is an ethnic minority, or majority, as could be the case? There are several definitions and conceprualizations-of these terms. Ethnic' groups constitute a special social group whose members share similar socio-cultural and linguistic characteristics distinct from those shared by members of other groups It is used by sociologists in a broader form than the word 'nationality' and it permits non-literate peoples to be identified as social aggregates in the same way as more advanced peoples and nations. The paper considers the nuances of the definitions and contends that despite the diversity and plurality there is a need for efficient management of diverse people to nip in the bud varying ethnic conflicts in the communities.
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Ethnic Conflicts , Minority Interests , Ethnic Majority , Ethnic Minority , Diversity , Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Badru F.A (2000): “Ethnic Conflict and Minority Interests In Nigeria: A Critical Review” In JOURNAL OF CULTURAL STUDIES, ETHNICITY AND AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT, Vol. 2. No.1, 2000: Pp 256-264.