Iba/Ijuba in Scholarship in Lagos Studies: The Place of Intellectual Property and Copyright

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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Iba/Ijuba in Scholarship in Lagos Studies: Time to give back to the peoples of Lagos State; Lagos The Academic beacon of Nigeria, we shall use Langbasa and Cultural Quiz for Lagos State pupils and Students as our case Studies. Let us start by using Lagos State University, Ojo Research policy to strengthen our research work on Iba/Ijuba. Professor Olanrewaju Adigun Fagbohun in his 2019 foreword to University of Lagos Ojo Research Policypamphlet defined research in this term: “Research is Central and key to attaining the goals leading Universities all over the world. Such world class Universities are at the forefront of developing and advancing new knowledge in all areas of human endeavor. Research is also of paramount importance in TEACHING, LEARNING and delivery of community service. World class universities not only pay attention to the research efforts of its academic staff but in addition, develop and implement policies to guide and regulate research activities.” One then may ask what is the scope of the Lagos State University research Policy. Let us quote 2019 LASU Vice-Chancellor again for effect: “The Scope of the Research Policy is broad, encompassing principles of research, ethics, funding, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, (with copyright as a core element), capacity building and commercialization of research findings. We are committed to supporting the highest Level of research and research ethics (which I interpret to mean frowning at plagiarism), ---- We want to impact our society through research and through thispolicy we hope that the quality of research will improve, that the research skills of our staff will be better and that our universitywill sustain and improve its ranking (not only in Legal Studies) within the global University Community. LASU research Policy is to warn budding Scholars of the ills of plagiarism. They are to pay homage to Senior Scholars from whose fountain of academic wealth they are drinking. Just as junior Lawyers drop wig to a SAN in court as a sign of owing fealty to their Senior and elders and a captain in the Army pay homage to their general. On pages iv and v of the policy such topics as academic authorship, Intellectual Property as well as copyright were thoroughly defined. Thus, authorship implies responsibility and accountability for published work”. The manual also stated: While the University imposes no formal mechanisms for determining authority, it is the responsibilities of researchers to ensure that contributors who have made substantive intellectual contribution to a publication are given credit as authors. Substantive contributors or other collaborators must be acknowledged in the publication. This to be interpreted to me they must be acknowledged or homage must be paid to them as a Civilized Yoruba Minstrel Iba and Ijuba which is the kernel of this paper. Lagos State University Research Policy further defined Intellectual Property and ownership of any creation or invention developed during an internship or research Project performed as part of a relationship with an outside entity should reflect the relative role and contributions of the student, the outside entity and Lagos State University to the creation of the work or the development of the invention. On page 26 of the LASU Research Policy Copyright is defined as the ownership and control of the Intellectual property in original works of authorship which are subject to copyright protection. The Policy made an inventory of works that are eligible for copyright protection. VIZ: as Literary works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph works, sound recording and broadcast: All these works shall be the object of our investigation in this paper.
Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2022). Iba/Ijuba in Scholarship in Lagos Studies: The Place of Intellectual Property and Copyright. A Paper presented by PROF. SAMUEL JIDE TIMOTHY-ASOBELE DEPT. OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES (FRENCH UNIT) LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY, OJO.