Effects of Characteristics of Nigerian Students on Perceived Satisfaction of Academic Facilities in Private Universities in Ogun State, Nigeria

Oluwunmi, A.O ; Ajayi, C.A (2014)

Scholarly articles


Students' retention amongst the competitive private Universities in Nigeria leads to issues of students' satisfaction which is relatively sparse in literature. This study thereby examined the relationship between selected students' characteristics (sex, age, year of study and type of sponsorship) on the students’ satisfaction in three (3) private Universities in Ado - Odo Local Government Council, Ogun State, Nigeria. A total of four hundred and thirty two (432) questionnaires, representing 76% of the sample size, were used for analysis. The result of the analysis using cross-tabulation, Mann-whitney U Test and Krustal Wallis showed that there is no close relationship between sex, age, year of study and type of sponsorship and satisfaction with academic facilities in the Universities. However, this result is not totally conclusive, particularly for Covenant University, as further analysis revealed that mode of sponsorship is significant. Further research is thereby advocated.